Cheeks define the appearance of our faces. Well maintained cheeks can can provide a youthful appearance and enhance the cheek bones if the right products are used. A blush is a cosmetic that has been used by women to redden their cheeks to enhance their beauty even in historical times. Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics were motivated to come up with a product that would address all the needs of ladies who want to enhance their beauty. Bella Terra Mineral Blush is formulated to bleMineral-Blush1nd  perfectly with all skin types and skin colors. To make sure you are not limited for a choice, the mineral blush is available in five shades. The five shades include,unadulterated life, ambrosial crush, glistening sun, sunset plum and native earth. Bella mineral blush is a smooth blend of pure minerals and has no chemical fillers or preservatives. The blush is produced through a very advanced technology which ensures 100% purity and safety. Bella Terra continues to boast of the quality assurance of its cosmetics Products. The feed back  they get from their customers all over the world make them to continuously keep the good job even better. Bella Terra Cosmetics  has become an household name because every home has used a Bella Terra cosmetics product.

The ingredients define the quality of the Bella Terra Mineral blush. In that 80 grams you are buying there is mica,serecite and  iron oxides which are naturally occurring minerals with known healing properties. For instance iron oxides are non toxic , non bleeding and moisture resistant meaning that the blush will not be washed away even when you are rained on for example. The Bella Terra Mineral blush keeps your cheeks glowing for the whole day giving you that youthful appearance you deserve. Studies have shown that the minerals used to produce Bella Terra Mineral blush are non-toxic, non-irritant and that they are they have a soothing effect because they are basic.

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My grandmother once told me that a strong foundation is the basis of any great structure. In this context I must admit that a great foundation is the basis of beauty. Allow me to define foundation, it is a skin colored cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform color for your skin complexion, to cover blemishes and improve the natural skin tone. The history of Mineral-Foundation for blogfoundation dates back to days immemorial.

Bella Terra cosmetics mineral foundation is comes as a five in one product. By five in one I mean the mineral foundation can serve the purpose of a mineral foundation, liquid foundation, concealer, finishing veil and UV A/UV B protection. The mineral foundation is formulated to provide a smooth, micro fine finish that allows true skin tone to be visible at the same time providing a flawless and even coverage. The one thing about Bella Terra cosmetics mineral foundation is available in eleven (11) shades! I don’t think you can miss a shade that compliments or goes perfectly with your skin complexion.

Is Mineral Foundation The Only Formulation?

You might have across other formulations, for example oil and emollient based foundation which is one of the oldest formulations. There is alcohol based which contains water and denatured alcohol as the base with a pigment to give it color and then powder based which contains talc as the main component. Unfortunately, powder based foundations flake and trickle as you apply and blend. Bella Terra pucks the best methodologies, and that’s why they never went wrong when they decide to formulated their mineral foundation.

Mineral foundation contains mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride as the main components. These minerals, especially titanium and zinc oxide are natural filters to UVA/ UVB and treats acne and other skin conditions also. Protection against Mineral foundation is the trendiest and the hottest thing the beauty world today!

How Does My Skin Gains from Bella Terra Cosmetics Mineral Foundation?

UVA/UVB protection meaning you will be protected from the rays that damage the skin.

Bella Terra mineral foundation is purely natural, as its name indicates – mineral!

The foundation lasts long giving a peace of mind meaning you will be stress free therefore a healthy life style and a healthy skin.

The mineral foundation looks, feels great and contains no fragrances, no oils, no preservatives and no talc powder.

Gives your face full coverage, allows your skin to breathe, covering imperfections and making your face look like you have applied nothing! Blending is what I mean.

Proven useful to people of all ages, skin types and skin tone and finally Bella Terra cosmetics mineral foundation, conceals blotches, treats acne and clears wrinkles fine lines.




The skin around the eye is the thinnest meaning it is the most sensitive in the whole body. With that in mind, it implies the support tissue will get weaker and weaker as we age and hence the need for Bella Terra Advanced Eye Radiance Cream. The radiance cream is formulated to hydrate and protect the delicate tissue around your skin and at the same time lightens the dark spots around the eyes. Many users of Bella Terra radiance eye cream have written stating that this is the best of the best creams that they have an ever used with such quick and permanent results.

advanced_eye_cream_3A product is as good as the ingredients and that’s why Bella Terra Cosmetics gets the best raw materials to make their beauty products. For instance the advanced radiance eye cream contains fermented lemon peels and yogurt extracts to ease the exfoliating process and promote skin cells renewal. Enriched with sunflower oil which has the ability to retain the skin moisture and at the same time protect the skin from infections. Jojoba   seed oil extract is a good ingredient because its known for its benefits to the skin. It is easily absorbed and has a healing power.

The advanced radiance is available at Bella Terra cosmetics online store for only $120.00.

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Human’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. What language do your eyes speak? As the days move on, I believe the language dose change. Well, like any other body parts age takes away the firmness of our skin and especially around the eyes. We don’t have to let nature take control of our lives all the time. With Bell Terra Cosmetics Lifting Eye Serum, you can get that youthful appearance around your eyes within a very short time. The lifting eye serum has the capability to bring dull, tired looking eyes to life by strengthening and restoring the delicate skin elasticity to its original form.

lifting_eye_serum_2Bella Terra Lifting Eye Serum is enriched with nourishment and antioxidants that keep the skin around the eyes healthy, smooth and at the same time protect it from harsh environmental conditions. The serum is designed with non-greasy and lightweight minerals to make sure that it is easily and effectively absorbed in the skin.  Lifting Eye Serum contains collagen promoting ingredients for the renewal and strengthening of the connective tissues around the eyes.

The most fascinating thing about Bella Terra Lifting Eye Serum is that it is enriched with Dead Sea salts which have a reputation all over the world for healing   skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Another benefit of the Dead Sea salt is that it stimulates the flow of blood and research indicates that there is 40% reduction of wrinkles after using Dead Sea salts. The serum contains magnesium which is a very instrumental mineral in improving g skin hydration reducing inflammation.

To conclude, I recommend that you apply lifting eye serum in the morning and at night after cleansing your skin. The serum is available at Bella Terra Cosmetics online store for only $ 240.00.




Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to make the face you have at fifty. The market is flooded with products that claim to make us look younger in a few days. Some might be true but I cannot bet on their claims. I overheard a friend talking about Bella Terra Beauty products and got interested. I was curious to dig deeper and try to find out what Bella Terra Cosmetics is all about. I have hage_defying_capsules_2ad an opportunity to keenly and carefully scrutinize these products; because at first I was skeptic about the whole stuff, I don’t know your take on this but believe  me since I chose to write about Berra Terra Cosmetics Anti-aging firming  capsules, I have enough reasons to give it a tick!

Bella Terra cosmetics anti-aging firming capsules are exclusively formulated to act at core of the cells that produce the substances that make our skin to be smooth and with that youthful glow. The anti-aging firming capsules have a nutritional concentrate density for wrinkles elimination and to improve your skin complexion.

The active component in Bella Terra Cosmetics Anti-aging cream is a state of the art substance known commonly as argiriline. Argiriline is a clinically tested and a very effective and safe component for decreasing the effects of aging and clearing the deep wrinkles. Bella Terra Cosmetics use argiriline as opposed to Botox for the reason that argiriline is needle free and is 30% effective in reduction of wrinkles in less than a month of use.

Bella Terra provides these anti-aging firming capsules for a very affordable price but if you don’t believe, just check around, for only $350.00 you will get yours from the online store. When you place your order you will enjoy free shipping.

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Everyone desires to remain youthful. Personally I want to look young even when I will be forty five. With the many activities we indulge in and the conditions we face in every daily life, it would be almost impossible to maintain our skin without an extra effort. There are many  remedies outside there that promise to solve our wrinkle problems, but Bella Terra cosmetics has done the bigger job of creating products that lets us keep our skin the way we desire.


When it comes to wrinkles, few people if not none want such a word to be associated with them or their skin. There are many factors that lead to the skin forming wrinkles, for example our sleeping positions, aging, habitual facial expressions, exposure to the sun, smoking and poor hydration among others.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Anti-wrinkle cream is formulated to effectively work on the two types of wrinkles; the surface lines and the deep furrow wrinkles. Bella Terra Anti –Wrinkle Cream is enriched with retinol, a chemical relative to vitamin A that eliminates the appearance of the wrinkles leaving your skin with that youthful look you desire.

The best results are achieved when you use the anti- aging cream with Bella Terra Cosmetics Daily Moisturizer and the Bella Terra Cosmetics Primer. It also recommended that you apply Bella Terra Anti-Aging Cream regularly and results are guaranteed in several weeks or months. They say what you apply matters as much as how you apply; Bella Terra Cosmetics Anti- Aging Cream meets that claim.

Bella Terra Anti –Aging cream is enriched with glycerin, mineral oil, horse chest nut seed extracts which are highly recommended and very effective in eliminating wrinkles. The cream contains water as its main ingredient to provide your skin with adequate hydration maintaining the suppleness of your skin.

Bella Terra mineral cosmetics Anti – aging cream is available in the online store for only $299.99. You also get free shipping and a deal you only get from the online store. Let’s get to the task of maintaining our youthful skin and have a wrinkle free world.




Pore refining is the process of clearing the skin pores of dirt and excess oils. When the skin pores are clogged, they appear larger ,a situation that can lead to an uneven skin, and subject the skin to conditions like blackheads and acne.

Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore refining toner is formulated to clear your skin pores from dirt, excess oilspore_refing_toner_1 leaving your skin with a youthful appearance. As with all Bella Terra products, quality is the key principle to their products. Many customers have commented on how Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining Toner helped with them within a very short time  to retain their youthful and glowing skin. To be specific one customer said it took one week to regain her beautiful skin.

In this review, I will highlight the reasons that make Bella Terra cosmetics pore refining toner stand tall from the other brands.


Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining toner boasts of the following characteristics:

  • Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining Toner not only cleanses your skin pores but also gives your skin a
  • Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining toner loosens the dead skin cells that block the pores; exfoliating the skin and reducing the pore size making your skin look smoother.
  • Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining toner is alcohol free, that enables it to gently tone and instantly rehydrate your skin.
  • Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore Refining toner Contains soothing menthol to leave your skin with a cool sensation, clean and refreshed.

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Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser is a popular facial care and beauty product from BELLA TERRA MINERAL COSMETICS. Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser is formulated to remove the residual makeup, dead skin cells, oils, dust and other environmental pollutants from the skin. Bella Terra  Milky Cleanser acts to unclog the skin pores and prevent the skin from conditions like blackheads, acne, skin discolorations and wrinkles. It is important to use the Bella Terra Milky Cleanser in combination with the other Bella Terra mineral cosmetics . milky_cleanser


  • Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser has a balance of pH (acids and bases) to ensure that your beautiful skin maintains its natural pH for an always glowing and beautiful skin.
  • Bella Terra Milky cleanser has the ability to restore the skin oils that may have been removed. Using bar soaps and other products may remove oils from the skin. Use Bella Terra milky cleanser to restore these oils.
  • The Milky Cleanser is equipped with thinners unlike other soaps to avoid the clogging of skin pores.
  • Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser is mild and soap free, formulated and designed to penetrate deep and remove stubborn dirt from your skin.
  • Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser contains water as its main ingredient to keep the skin adequately hydrated. And it is perfected for all skin types.

For men they can use Bella Terra’s Milky Cleanser as a pre -shave and skin soothing product.





Exfoliation  is  the removal  the dead skin cells and it is a process for maintaining the skin. Exfoliation can be done through  two different techniques; Mechanical  and  chemical processes. Bella Terra Cosmetics Exfoliating Gel is proven to do  the job perfectly. You need to read the  following lines to disexfoliationg_gel_ncc10cover the magic of Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Exfoliating Gel.

As we grow, the process of exfoliation becomes uneven due to the kind of activities we undertake.  The skin becomes  rough and dry and the need for Bella Terra exfoliation gel. The removal of these dead cells unclogs the skin  pores, keeps skin clean and works to eliminate or minimize the chances of acne and treat pimples, aging spots and wrinkles. Exfoliation can be done to whole body or just the face. A point to  note  is that  exfoliation is good for both  men and women.

For men, exfoliation exposes the hair follicle making it easy to shave.

As they say, too much of everything is harmful and it is possible to over exfoliate.  Over exfoliation can lead to damaging of the skin. To avoid overdoing it, you need to get  Bella Terra exfoliating gel  which is designed to get you the best results.


  • It is non granular offering and exclusive technology that  guarantees you noticeable results immediately.
  • It is  impossible to over exfoliate with this product because it non granular so the abrasive capability is very minimal.
  • Enriched with selected plant extracts  to soothingly get the job done and at the same time nourish your skin.
  • Going for a significantly low price  0f  $139.99  only  from  the online store and you get FREE SHIPPING!
  •   Your skin becomes smoother, silkier and allows other  products to be absorbed and  penetrate  efficiently.

Exfoliate with Bella Terra Exfoliating gel for a  fresh and radiant skin that will  shine through your life. People with oily skin should exfoliate more often.

Exfoliate daily or weekly otherwise your skin will be covered with dead skin!




Bella Terra Cosmetics Makeup Remover is the only product formulated for your skin.Only Bella Terra Cosmetics Makeup Remover does the job leaving your skin rejuvenated and fresh. The benefits you get from Bella Terra Cosmetics are just wow!
Bella Terra makeup contains every day essentials to nourish and  improve your skin by keeping  it clean, adequately hydrated and balanced.Bella Terra Makeup Remover has two unique tools to ensure that you get the best out it; and above all, get the value for your dollars! I talk about cost here because I know people  consider what to buy depending on the price. In Bella Terra we care for you , because we bella terra cosmetics make_up_removerwant you to get the best.

Something you must understand is that improper makeup removal can be a disaster for keeping the skin supple and healthy.Bella Terra Cosmetics Makeup Remover is the dermatologists’ number one choice because of its effectiveness.

  • It contains a clear water based component which is responsible for clearing and removing the surface makeup and any other unwanted stuff.
  • The remaining 50% penetrates deeper to  remove the more stubborn and heavy concentrations of dirt and substances like oil that are insoluble in water.

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